Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Omega wireless gaming headset,announced at CES

Creative Sound Blaster has announced its newest gaming headset, the Tactic3D Omega.The company calls it “the first wireless, cross-platform gaming headset to work with the PS3Xbox 360Mac, and PC, which is fully integrated.Here fully integrated means that the wireless technology is built in and you don’t need any other cable to function with gaming consoles–and PCs

The headsets features 50mm drivers,buttons for operatig the volume,switching it to mute.As ointed out by Creative,these headsets are also  perfect for motion gaming consoles like the Kinect and the PS3 Move,as they are wireless and you can move freely on wearing them.They are even perfect for watching movies and listening to music.

Creative says its wireless technology is “designed to eliminate static interference, which affects other headsets, and delivers game audio with ultralow latency, a critical feature for competitive gameplay.”

The Sound Blaster Tactic3D Omega headset will be available in February 2011 for $199.99 (list).

Read the PR,here.

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Razer Onza Xbox 360 Controller – Resistance is Futile

Razer unveils  it’s wired controller Onza for XBOX.The controller has 2 variations,one the standard version,another tournament version.the Razer Onza Tournament Edition offers superior customizability with adjustable resistance analog sticks,while the standard version features backlit “Hyperesponse” face buttons, ana an improved d-pad and two extra programmable shoulder buttons.That what makes it different from the ordinary 360 controllers and Onza.With the addition of 2 additional bumpers you can actually program 2 buttons which prove to be a saver in many titles.

Twist the analog sticks in one direction to make them more resistant for steadier control, or twist in the opposite direction for quicker, fluid movements. Boom! He’s dead. Boom! She’s dead. You’re just too fast; nothing’s stopping you when you have an Onza in your hands.

Onza has made a smart move by bringing in the wired controllers for tournaments which means no lag time,and exact precision.



Features :

* 2 Adjustable resistance analog sticks
* 2 Multi-Function Buttons (MFB)
* 4 backlit Hyperesponse action buttons
* Precision D-Pad
* Non-slip rubber surface
* Quick release USB connector
* 15 foot, lightweight, braided fiber cable
* Approx. size in mm: 109(L) x 154(W) x 60.5(H)

The standard Onza will sell for $40, while the Tournament Edition will set back the realprofessionals $50.

( Source: Image, Razer)