Facto! Share facts about yourself on the ‘web

Facto,is a site where you can tell the world,things that not many people know about you.Once signed up,you’ll get a unique profile ,with an unique url and that page  will contain all the facts that you have posted.

Adding a fact is similar to tweeting or posting fb status.To make this activity more interesting other community members can then randomly flip through all the facts on Facto,and if they find it awesome,shoot the awesome button.Couple of other options are available.

Here’s my profile :

You cannot become friends or follow people on Facto,as of now.

Facto is developed by Kyle Bragger,yeah the same person who developed Forrst.


IKEA’s Skål : A freaking awesome app for iPhone

Choose what drink you’d like to toast with (champagne, wine, beer or milk). Then find a nice person to toast with (that also has the app). Skål! a.ka. Cheers!  .When you toast you automatically exchange names and photos (so that you can stay in touch). Both cameras will take a picture of the toast so that you can cherish that moment forever. You can then share the combined picture with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Last but not least, you can share your picture in our photo gallery (or just browse other people’s pictures).

Neat isn’t it ?

Check out the video below for a demonstration.

Though it’s only available in Swedish.(I know how that big 😀 got disappeared when you read that >_> ).Nonetheless we hop for an English version coming out soon

Download: IKEA Skål via iTunes