2010 Tech Disappointments

It’s a new year,happy new year everyone.Well there were many surprises,failures,recalls,flops,huge success,and disappointments last year.2010 was indeed an action packed year when it came to tech.So many new things launched.Exactly that’s what went wrong,so many new services launched and so many failed so closed.Everyone trying to replicate Facebook,Twitter … social network fatigue actually.Ping ,Google Buzz,Google Wave all were #fail,and the saddest part they weren’t worked on to fix.Actually they cannot also for various reasons.Soical network fatigue everywhere,you take a dog out for a walk,it’s on the web.Heck now even TV has social network integrated in it.I am not against social networks,but the thing is unless they are properly worked and optimized,have some solid plans,they are a big NO from my side.

Now coming to Apple since they  are the one’s who have made zillions of mistakes this year,I wish them luck for 2011.There was so much buzz for Back To Life event,but then there was nothing so OMG special.Mr.Jobs,now take Iphone5 seriously since you’ve *delayed* white iphone 4 till another century,so we don’t want another disappointed year from you.

Now shifting focus to M$,Kin was such a huge failure.They were ugly,small and they were cheap,with that M$ had canceled them due to poor sales.Also WP7  that isn’t a fail IMHO,but it needs to be improved,to actually compete with Android,iOs.

3D TV’s .. they are doomed to fail.3D viewing abruptly alters the social nature of TV watching.There are some anecdotal accounts of viewers getting headaches and difficulty putting 3D glasses over the top of their prescription lenses.You need so many glasses for family .My advice stick to HDTV’s for now until something better comes.

3G.Yes.So many delays and still not a good 3g service in India.Hope it gets better this year.

Some other flops worth mentioning are HP Slate,Nexus One,Samsung Fascinate,Antennagate and much more.

Ending this post on a positive note

“A winner is one who accepts his failures and mistakes, picks up the pieces, and continues striving to reach his goals. “

~ Dexter Yager

Cya !