Play Angry Birds in Linux

Rovio media have no plans to actually bring Angry Birds to Linux, with their previous statement it being something they were ‘looking into’ since translated as ‘no plans at all.’

Still, if you’re an Angry Birds fan looking to get your feathery fix on Linux you still can – using everyone’s favourite binary beverage ‘Wine‘.

Firstly,get the game from Intel App Up,you’ll need access to windoze.Also the game costs $4.99 (completely worth of it)

Then get Wine via their PPA.

Install Angry Birds and go to Applications > Wine > Angry Birds sub menu

Game On !


Get Ubuutnu 11.04 Countdown widget for Android

Eagerly waiting for Ubuntu 11.04 to release ? Well that tells how much  Ubuntu addict you are ! Grab this android app,which just displays basic text stat on the number of days ‘until release’.


via : (OMG ! UBUNTU! )