Install OS X 10.6.6 update to take advantage of Mac App Store

Apple has launched Mac App Store,today and comes bundled with OSX 10.6.6 update.

The Mac App Store features 1000’s of apps at the moment.To gain access to Mac App Store,you’ll need to update it to 10.6.6 first via Software Centre.

The new Build 10J537 features “developer support for fetching and renewing App Store receipts,” with a focus on Bonjour, Dock, OpenGL, Printing and Spotlight.

Once updated you’ll find the App Store in the Software Update option in your Apple menu.Also the Mac App Store will bring automatic installation and updating of applications,similar to iOS app store. OSX 10.6.6 is only available to those who have the latest Snow Leopard edition of the OS

In other Mac App Store news, 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple has informed developers that the forthcoming storefront will not accept demos, trial versions or betas, instead encouraging developers to post those versions on their own websites. (yeah,legacy of iOS store)

The Mac OS X 10.6.6 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Snow Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac. It also includes the Mac App Store, the best way to discover and buy new apps for your Mac. The Mac App Store, a new application you’ll find in the Dock, includes the following features:

  • Discover Mac apps: Browse featured apps, top charts, and categories, or search for something specific. Read detailed app descriptions and user reviews, and flip through screen shots.
  • Buy and install: Easily purchase apps with your iTunes account.  Apps install in one step and are quickly available from the Dock.
  • App updates: The Mac App Store keeps track of all your purchased apps and notifies you when free updates are available

So what are you waiting for ? Get downloading and tell us your experience about it



IKEA’s Skål : A freaking awesome app for iPhone

Choose what drink you’d like to toast with (champagne, wine, beer or milk). Then find a nice person to toast with (that also has the app). Skål! a.ka. Cheers!  .When you toast you automatically exchange names and photos (so that you can stay in touch). Both cameras will take a picture of the toast so that you can cherish that moment forever. You can then share the combined picture with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Last but not least, you can share your picture in our photo gallery (or just browse other people’s pictures).

Neat isn’t it ?

Check out the video below for a demonstration.

Though it’s only available in Swedish.(I know how that big 😀 got disappeared when you read that >_> ).Nonetheless we hop for an English version coming out soon

Download: IKEA Skål via iTunes