Change Wikipedia’s font by Ubuki Chrome extension #FAIL !

Chrome Webstire is on a roll.So many new apps,extensions being launched every then and now,and so many useless.Like some are just redirecting to a web page while some as discussed below just change a font and that too on a single website.#fail.This extension ‘Ubuki’

Why is it a fail ?

  • A person ‘A’,sitting on his windoze and never used ubuntu,when see’s this extension in the ‘store,might think that it’s difficult to change the default font in chances of his using an open source OS reduces further more.Or he might think ubuntu users need an extension just to change a font !
  • Secondly,the extension just useless.Want to change font ? Go to Options » Advanced » Font settings  and change the font.
  • A whole extension just to change the font on one website ? #whatanonsense

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