Track Santa online this Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve, children all over the world ask themselves—and their parents—questions about Santa’s magical journey. How does Santa visit so many children in one night? Will he eat the cookies I left out? How does he fit all those presents into his sleigh? These childhood mysteries are part of what makes the Santa tradition so special.

Google has teamed up with NORAD to launch Santa Tracker for Christmas Eve.

There are a few different ways to find the jolly old man in his unmistakable red suit over the course of the day, so feel free to track him using any of the following methods

See Santa on a Google Map :Visit and select your language.Then you’ll see a large Google Map on the page displaying Santa’s current location and his next stop. You can also watch “Santa Cam” videos, and click the gift icons to learn more about each city.

Watch Santa fly with the Google Earth Plug-in: Click on the link Track Santa in Google Earth. You’ll see Santa steering his sleigh right on the webpage. But you must have the Google Earth plug-in, if you don’t have (chances are that you wouldn’t) then you can download it from here.
Watch Santa’s videos on YouTube : Subscribe to Santa’s home at That’s where you can find videos from his journey throughout the night.
Get real-time information about Santa’s location: Santa Norad would be tweeting up and and posting updates via Facebook too.
Follow Santa on your phone: You can also track Santa on your phone by openingGoogle Maps for mobile and searching for [santa]. Or, visit on your phone’s browser.



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