Youtube’s new Homepage

Hey fellas,

Okay so all of you reading this must have visited youtube.Well youtube has changed it’s homepage,not something like a huge makeover,but something what FB does frequently !

The new homepage is all about improving experience,usability.It has changed the way users watch and browse videos

Also a new list is added called as combined list in which subscriptions, friend activity and recommends are merged all together.In the homepage,you get the videos which are uploaded or liked by your friend’s recently.

Another feaure what Youtube calls is “Don’t miss a video” -i,e.If today a channel uploads 2 videos in a day, you’ll seeall 2 – instead of just the latest video.

Sometimes it happens that you have listened to  [insert_your_ favorite_band here] song but cannot remember the name of the song and since it’s your bad day so history of your browser is also wiped off.Youtube’s new feature Help me re-find stuff I just watched will help you which will display your recent activity which include your recent likes and favorites so you can easily get back to them.

Some other features include greying out the video which you have already  watched,and you can watch older videos without leaving your homepage.

Overall it’s indeed some great work put by youtube.

Oh you wanna try the new homepage,don’t you ? Head over to and click “Go For It” and you’ll see a new sweet homepage.


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