Chrome extensions i love

Chrome recently launched it’s webstore to compete with Mozilla’s addon and Opera’s extensions.Well IMHO Chrome has won the war when it comes to easiness.Very user friendly & intuitive interface .Also developers are rejoicing the most as they are appreciating  the security of their applications against piracy, with their apps being tied to a server and safeguarded against attack and theft.Also apparently with the release of Chrome’s web store,Chrome has become my default-browser replacing FireFox !

Here are my few personal favs.

These are the extensions which I have installed on my browser.There are loads of apps which I could have missed so please don’t get angry/sad/happy (in case you are a dev and  your app is showcased here and your rival’s not 😛 )

Though one thing you must remember is that these extensions slow down your browser,so install only those which are of use to you.

Note To Self :Remove all those 37 extensions lying around unused :\

Wish you happy Chrome-Web-Store browsing 😀

Also do tell the extensions you liked and I’ve missed !


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